(still) summer vibes

Hey! I have something to say to you all (especially to all the girls sitting there), just because we are on vacations, spending long hours at the beach and eating pizza every day (yep!) that don't really mean we have to feel less pretty or wear only shorts and old t-shirts, right? Thinking about that I made a list of beach dresses at zaful and I'm sharing it so you can do some shopping at lunch time, while it is still to hot to go outside. 

Floral Dress | Embroidered Tassel Sundress | Floral Embroidered Dress | Floral Swing Dress

Dresses are one of the favorite things to have in my summer closet. Very quickly you can look really girly and stay comfortable at the same. My kind of clothes, definitely. And I really like the colors of my first and last choice. That yellow is so cool! *please summer-Santa bring them to me*

p.s can I have all these cool bags? I'm crazy about them all!

Last but not least you can enjoy a sweet discount, go here and try your luck!

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