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never not hungry
Do you remember when in the middle of the summer I made a wishlist from Zaful? (Nope? It's ok, here it is: (still) summer vibes) Well, today I'm here to talk you about my experience with this online store and at the end of the publication, you have a little surprise. So, shall I begin?

My experience with Zaful
First, I think they have a really good offer, it really hard to not buy 90% of the clothes they sell, but I really didn't like that I have to wait so much time to receive my order (more than one month!). I don't think that is enough to keep away from this online store because when we buy online we know sometimes it can happen. Just keep in mind to not order something urgent! 

never not hungry never not hungry

Never not hungry T-shirt
Ok, since the first time I put my eyes on this t-shirt I know I had to add it to my closet. It is really funny because it's so true. I'm not used to the material of which it is made (it seems lycra or something close to it), but I kinda like anyway and it's cool even for very hot days. 

I know some of you also need this t-shirt, go here and you'll not regret it! 

never not hungrynever not hungry

Floral Embroidery Jeans
I just love embroidery clothes but, I don't have a lot of them. This winter I was really looking forward to have some and I just love these jeans. Unlikely somethings I saw the embroidery is good and all the colors match really well. For some reason, they are a little bit bigger than expected (but I think it was my fault, I lose some weight in last month so... it's ok, I can make some adjustments). Anyway, I think they look really cool and good news, they are on sale. Yep: here

never not hungrynever not hungry never not hungrynever not hungry

Oh wait, one more thing
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  1. Adorei o padrão floral das calças! Não tenho nenhumas assim e acho que era capaz de vestir umas idênticas às tuas :)

    1. Já algum tempo que andava de olho nesta nova tendência e gosto mesmo das minhas (é que o díficl é às vezes encontrar um bom bordado!) ;)


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